Enticing Events + Forever Bride

What an exciting week! 

Enticing Events has partnered with Forever bride!


After weeks of research and grinding away at getting our name out there, networking, and finding a tight-nit community to be a part of, Enticing Events has partnered with Forever Bride. Which means we will now be featured on their website. 

Exciting, right?!

I thought so too. 

Now, if you're wondering WHO or WHAT Forever Bride does or is, it's simple.

They are:

a fun and fashionable brand to help Brides plan their dream wedding. We are the brand of choice in the search for quality, local vendors and wedding inspiration. We strive to have a positive impact in our community by helping wedding businesses grow through quality relationships and the use of the best marketing tools. Above all, we value God, family, then business.
— https://www.foreverbride.com/about-us

Not any vendor can just get in. They take their quality and ethics to heart. Which is perfect for Enticing Events because we believe in giving our clients ONLY the best services. 

So if you're planning your wedding and need a little inspiration, or looking for some awesome vendors, i'd highly recommend you go check them out!  

Forever Bride Logo

Hope you find some valuable content!

Talk to you soon!


Anna Slepomoriy