$100 Spruce Gift Card Giveaway

Happy Saturday everyone!

Enticing Events has had a wonderful first week.

So here are some updates on what we've been up to...

Giveaway (1).png

This week Enticing Events was sponsoring a giveaway on Instagram for a $100 gift card to Spruce MN and the lucky winner is Snezhana Lelyukh!

I had a hard time choosing a florist for this one. Working at Fluid Interiors for the past three years, I've purchased many flowers from tons of wonderful local florists, but Spruce has more than flower arrangements to offer. 

They have a handful of classes you can take including home arrangements, terrarium, bridal bouquets and more! Which is perfect for the DIY bride (or if you're like me and just love to learn how to do absolutely EVERYTHING!).

I highly recommend checking out their arrangements and classes at one of their locations. 

Click here! 

Congratulations again, Snezhana. And I hope you all have a safe and fun Memorial day weekend!

Talk to you soon!

- Anna